Opinions are divided when deciding whether to buy used cars or zero kilometers cars.

Second-hand cars can give you certain advantages, you just have to look at some details. That’s why we prepared this guide with the advantages, disadvantages and other recommendations to buy a used car.

Used cars: good, nice and cheap!

The vast majority of the market is made up of vehicles in good condition. Many are sold because owners are struggling financially, or simply need the money to finance a new car to meet other (larger or more profitable) needs.

Advantages of used cars

They’re cheap.

Used cars can cost up to 50% less than their new counterparts. Mileage will dictate the final price of the vehicle. But watch out, high mileage doesn’t necessarily translate into a “free” car. The rest of your accessories may be in perfect condition and increase in value.

They’re already proven

Many times we do not know the true quality of a car model until it has been driven a certain number of kilometers. This is where used cars are a great advantage, as most of the time it has already covered at least the first and crucial 5 thousand kilometers. This tells you that you are looking at a reliable machine for at least a couple more years.

They need less paperwork

When you buy second-hand cars, many documents were processed and you only have to renew them when necessary. The registration and technical inspection will be included in the vehicle, which will save you cumbersome paperwork and some money as well.

They allow for more negotiation

When you buy a new vehicle, the price is determined by the dealer, depending on the equipment it has, and there is not much to do about it. This is not so with used cars, where the customer can always haggle or get a better price with some skill.

Recommendations for buying a used car

Of course, it doesn’t always work out. There are second-hand cars that are out of adjustment and have problems that unscrupulous salesmen will try to hide. So to avoid bad times, follow these recommendations for buying a used car:

The color of the smoke it emits

The smoke coming out of the exhaust system says a lot about the condition of the used cars. It always has to be white and uniform in color. If it has bluish or black tones, it is because the engine is burning oil and there are parts that need to be changed.

In addition, experts recommend starting the car and paying close attention to the noise it makes when it is running. As a general rule, a car in good condition always starts in first gear and without any loud noise.

The state of the electrical box

Some workshops say they are going to check all the electronics in the used cars and show a few wires and nothing else. This check cannot be done without a scanner, therefore, you should demand this type of check for the vehicle and not another one.

The scanner is the only one capable of detecting faults in the car’s electronics. The wiring of these systems rarely gives information about the condition of the cars used.

The engine and its parts

To determine whether or not the car engine is in good condition, the most important thing is to confirm whether its parts are original and which ones were replaced. Shape and color will help you to realize this. An unmodified engine has uniformity between its parts: they will all look the same size, shape and color.

If one of them does not match the rest of the engine, it is probably a generic part. In these cases, a deep revision of that particular engine part should be done with the help of a reliable mechanic.


Always prefers second hand cars with less than 100,000 kilometers driven and less than 3 owners. An average car travels 12,000 to 15,000 kilometers in a year. Also look at the wear and tear on the rudder and pedals, it will help you evaluate the use of the car.

History of fines and citations

Checking the history of fines and traffic citations is key to knowing you are at peace with the traffic authorities. On the other hand, it will help you verify that the person who is selling you the car is the rightful owner. Making a subpoena consultation is very easy, free and online.


At the time of buying a used car, many of the formalities necessary for its circulation have already been carried out. The vehicle’s insurance is probably one of those and the owner can transfer the policy into your name to give you insurance.

However, this must be approved by the insurance company and there are several points to consider: the date of hire, premium and accident rate of the new owner, among others.