Accessories for your car that should never be missing

Life is full of contingencies. To think that we can control them all is just an illusion, but what we can do is be prepared for the possible eventualities and foresee those small incidents of our day to day that, sooner or later, end up affecting us all.

For this reason, we recommend the 5 accessories for your car that you should never miss. I am sure that if you take them with you, you will travel much more relaxed.

Small fire extinguisher

You may think you’ll never need to use a fire extinguisher in your car, but that’s what those who saw theirs start burning because of a short circuit, a fuel spill or some incident that ends in total disaster because they didn’t carry a fundamental accessory like this one thought.

You don’t have to buy a big one either. There are small fire extinguishers, about a kilo, suitable for carrying in the car, which will get you out of a hurry if you are unfortunate enough to start a fire in it.

Battery Clamps

Who hasn’t ever had their car battery die or a family member or friend call you to help them because they’ve been stranded on the road? Something as simple as carrying battery clamps and cables in the trunk will make this problem a mere anecdote.

This is an economical car accessory that you can easily buy at different stores. However, if you prefer to invest more money and travel with even more peace of mind, you can buy a small portable battery, which has enough charge to start a vehicle.

This way, you won’t even need the help of a third party to get your car started.

Mobile Phone Charger

The mobile phone is already a fundamental element in the life of all of us, and it is common to use it as a GPS in the car, downloading one of those apps so useful for moving around on the road, or using it as if it were an MP3 to listen to our favourite songs while we drive.

As a result, smartphone battery consumption is high, so if you have a mobile phone charger for your vehicle, you can rest easy.

A mobile phone charger for the car cigarette lighter socket with multiple USB ports is especially handy, allowing you to connect other devices such as a tablet or portable DVD player to it.

Similarly, if you are stuck for hours in a traffic jam, due to a breakdown or any other emergency, you can be sure that you will not be left incommunicado because your phone runs out of battery.

Replacement Lamps

Traffic regulations made it mandatory to carry a set of spare lights in the car, as many current vehicles require a workshop to change them. Now there is no such obligation, but it is true that it is forbidden to drive, for safety reasons, with any of the bulbs or spotlights out.

As it is usual that, sooner or later, you find yourself with a blown headlight, if possible you can change it yourself without going to the workshop, one of the best accessories for your car that you should buy is a set of spare lights. In the event that you have already had to place one of the lights that this includes, remember to acquire individually the one that you have already needed to use to always have the complete set.

On the other hand, if you can’t change that light by your own means, hurry up to the workshop, both for your safety and for the rest of the drivers and the traffic sanction you are exposed to in case you don’t do it.


The toolbox is the typical accessory that we regret not carrying in the trunk when we need it, although the importance of carrying one in the car is often downplayed.

Think that it is not necessary to carry a large one with a lot of tools that you are not going to use, but it is advisable to acquire a small or medium one that has such basic objects as a wrench, a flat screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, some Allen keys, gloves and pliers.

You may need to change a wheel, adjust a screw, or replace the wiper blades, so the toolbox will certainly take more than a few of the hassles out of those types of items.

You can add those other car accessories, such as spare lights and mandatory reflective triangles, which will help you enjoy the pleasure of driving knowing that you are prepared for any eventuality.